Step 1 of 3: Customize Your System



Case Colour

Looking for something more than just the stock black or silver case? Stand out from the crowd with a colour mod from the renowned airbrush artists at Twisted Arts Factory.

Case Lighting

And God said, "Let there be light"; and there was light.

Who are you to question God?

Case Tattoo

Ever considered a tattoo? Maybe it's time. For your case, that is. The professionals at Twisted Arts Factory produce high quality work leaps and bounds ahead of bedroom case modders with a can of $2 spraypaint.

Tattoos are feature works that appear on the side panel of your case. For artwork that covers the entirety of your case, consider a custom design.

Case Custom

Go all out and have a custom design emblazoned upon the rich tapestry that is your PC. A custom design covers your ENTIRE case.

The ultimate in prestige. The ultimate in class.

And that's just the case.

Processor (Stock)


Processor (Overclocked)


Power Supply




Memory (DDR3)


System Drive


Storage Drive


Optical Drive


Optical Drive 2


Graphics Card


Graphics Card 2


Graphics Card 3


Advanced Cooling


Custom Liquid Cooling


Network Card (Ethernet)


Network Card (Wireless)


Sound Card


Operating System




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