4Ghz is nothing...

tachometer One of our channels of expertise includes over-clocking PCs to their absolute limit in a safe and stable environment for maximum 3D and gaming performance. With the Velocitas XT we have done just that, our skilled engineers have managed to take the already powerful 3.4 GHz Core i7-2600k processor and push it beyond the cutting-edge by overclocking it to speeds approaching an epic 5Ghz! As a testament to our faith in the absolute stability of our systems, each Velocitas PC we sell is backed by a 3 year warranty and certified 24 hours prime95 stable.

Double The Fun

graphics card With the ever increasing range of new and demanding games and applications on the market, we have found that our customers sometimes need more than the latest and greatest graphics cards are capable of delivering. Whether its running multi-monitor set ups or gaming at insanely high resolutions, our Velocitas SLI range offers the solution by cramming twice the top-end Radeon 6990 graphics cards into the one PC.

Mega Memory

memory Not only are you able to double the graphics capability of your system with the Velocitas SLI range, but all Velocitas systems come standard with 6GB (3x2GB) of High Performance DDR3 memory running in triple channel mode. This can be doubled, up to 12GB, allowing you to blaze through high definition video and photo editing without frustrating slow downs.

Staying Cool

Corsair H70 Cooling Top cooling means top reliability. To ensure that you take minimum heat whilst performing your most demanding tasks, we have made sure that every Velocitas PC comes with enough cooling to embarrass your home air conditioning system.

Every Velocitas is equipped with top-of-the-line Corsair H70 sealed liquid cooling systems, two top mounted 200mm fans, two side mounted 120mm fans, one rear 120mm fan and one 140mm front intake fan all under your control with 2-speed selectors... Cool right?

Processing Power

Core i7Running at a blitzing 3.4Ghz and capable of considerably more with its great overclocking potential, the Intel Core i7-2600k has blown us away with its power, speed and unique ability to conquer our stringent testing. Made with the latest 32nm process technology, the Core i7-2600k runs swiftly enough at stock speeds, but crank her up to almost  5Ghz and this hot-rod really starts to kick. Whether it's multimedia production, gaming or 3D rendering, this chip has got you covered.


What Comes With Your PC

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  • 3 day testing report
  • Benchmarking report
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  • Customer folder with all manuals, drivers and warranty certficiates
  • Platinum upgrade package certification
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  • Personalized boot-up disk


+ 3 Year Warranty Our comprehensive warranty covers all labour and hardware problems that may arise in your machine for the life of the warranty. All our PCs come standard with a 3 year warranty- one of the many services we provide free of charge to display our commitment to quality.

+ 3 Year Technical Support Where else will you be given the direct phone contact of the technician who actually hand built your PC? This saves hours of time when it comes to diagnostics and possible miscommunication over the phone, email or onsite.

+ Platinum Upgrade Package Upgrade your PC upto 2 times for the life of your warranty with the parts at distributor prices (price we get them at), 6 hours of free labour, fresh paint or polish (where applicable), all software & bios updates & extended 90 day warranty on your PC! This service is unique in Australia and offered by no other PC vendor!



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