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3 Year warranty & Technical Support

Forget the tiny warranties most PC companies give, we know how to truly stand behind our products and live up to that with our minimum 3 year product warranty for all PCs. Also, all our clients get the number of the technician in-charge of building their PC for one-on-one technical support without any automated phone bots or call waiting.

Platinum upgrade package

Upgrade your PC twice during your warranty period at distributor prices for the parts and free labour! Alongside your components we will upgrade all your software and bios applications, give your chasis a polish or fresh paint if required! Nowhere else will you find such a commitment to quality.


Not satisfied with the stock speeds of the CPU? Overclocking is one area which we know like the back of our hand! See individual PCs for their overclocking potential!


High performance machines can generate copious amounts of heat if not optimally cooled. This isnít good for any PC, which is why we offer a range of liquid and non liquid cooling options for all of our PCs to make sure that you get the maximum performance out of your beast.

Case Modification

If cathodes and neon lit fans arenít enough for you then we can pimp out your case to the extreme with our state of the art facilities and experts whoíve been building and modifying cases for years.

Once in a lifetime customer experience

Everything from customizing your PC online, dealing with our consultants, unpacking your state of the art machine and enjoying the thrill of that first boot will be a memorable experience with Deus Ex.

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