Why Deus Ex?: Testimonials

My purchase of a Quad Damage system from Deus-Ex has been an excellent experience. My high end PC was very good value considering the quality of the components and the advice and customer service received from Deus-Ex has been outstanding. They provided sensible advice with component selection for my specific needs running flight simulation software and their phone support has been brilliant. All in all Deus-Ex has been very professional to deal with and a welcome change compared to the poor customer service I received from other vendors. I have no hesitation is recommending Deus-Ex to anyone looking for a quality gaming PC from a trustworthy supplier.”

- Mark, Perth

I'm getting increasingly excited about getting it. You guys have done a fantastic job of keeping me informed; best customer service I've had in years.”

- Glenn, Alice Springs

The Beast is BLAZING FAST - tasks that used to take 45mins now take 2minutes 30seconds (auto photo editing).”

- Derek, Melbourne

holy s--- you shipped it in a crate! (love the product folder btw) but seriously! a crate?!”

- Jonathan, Melbourne

This thing is by far the fastest machine Iíve ever worked on.”

- Haydon, Sydney

Itís so refreshing seeing someone care so much about their product. Good work guys, and thanks for the experience.”

- Justin, Melbourne

I would say the best part were the ďsmallĒ touches like extra fans, the automatic backups, the customer binder, cleaning cloth, the mints (?!!) etc which I didnít request or pay for, but add a lot to the experience. Definitely a return customer.”

- Warren, Melbourne

After owning your PC for 3 years, I just want to say that it was great hearing back from you guys! Looks like youíve been busy. The fact that it's still yet to give me any trouble just goes to show the quality of the product.”

- Dimity, Brisbane

Great work on the airbrushing! My dog is scared of it but I canít stop staring at the thing...”

- Shane, Sydney

Nice work on the benchmarking...”

- Xian, Brisbane



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